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We fuse centuries old food cultures from across the globe with contemporary tastes to bring flavorful, authentic recipes to your table. Our iconic recipes draw inspiration from the street carts of Istanbul to the cafes of Paris and everywhere in between. Each bite has a little story to tell, something new to discover, and a way of bringing people together. Share Simit + Smith bread and pastries with your loved ones to taste all of life’s adventures.

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Simit + Smith specialties are all handmade, so each one is a bit unique.
Just like you.


Simit + Smith’s flagship product is a thin, twisted ring of bread with a chewy interior and crisp exterior encrusted in seeds or grain. Our authentic recipe brings the taste of Istanbul street-cart fare to your home kitchen.


We believe that bread is central to life and community. It not only fuels the body but nourishes the soul, creating moments to sit together and connect.


From rich breads to buttery delicacies, our sweet treats make for a decadent dessert or indulgent breakfast.


Our thin, crispy breadsticks are delectable to munch from tip to tip. For a heartier snack, try them with your favorite dips.


These crunchy, twice-baked Italian biscuits are expertly crafted and dried. Dunk our biscotti in a hot beverage and let each bite melt in your mouth.


These classic confections are the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon tea or after-dinner coffee. Sample one of our exotic flavors like fig or pistachio.

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