The Simit + Smith bakery was founded by a well-known Turkish businessman and philanthropist who had a burning desire to bring the most iconic street food in Turkey to the US – the Simit. We built upon this dream, collecting authentic recipes throughout our travels to offer American consumers the best and freshest breads, pastries, and specialties from across the globe.

Amazing, world-class breads and treats are only possible when they’re handmade in small batches and baked with love, from French croissants and British scones to German pretzels and Italian biscotti. That’s why we handcraft our artisanal baked goods using only the finest wholesome ingredients and traditional methods.

At Simit + Smith, we are inspired by our cultural bakery heritage and Mediterranean roots. In some cultures, bread is just a food. For us, bread is what elevates food to a meal. We pour ourselves into all of our baked goods, but there will always be a special place in our hearts for Simit, our delicious namesake bread. And for good reason.

Our Heritage

The Famous Simit
Simit is more than a tasty snack. It's a cultural bond evoking childhood memories of family gatherings and irreplaceable Sunday brunch. This heavenly, ring-shaped bread can be found in the carts and cafes of every Turkish city.

You can spot people enjoying a Simit in the morning with cheese and coffee on the way to work or on ferries across the Sea of Marmara with a nice cup of tea. Sometimes, we just crave a Simit on its own. Rather than import Simits from our homeland, we make each from scratch, fresh from our ovens to your hands.

Our Simits start with flour, yeast, and a touch of molasses. We twist and loop ropes of dough, covering the rings with sesame seeds and a sprinkle of salt. We then steam bake them in convection ovens, creating a lighter, healthier bread. Once you've tried a fresh Simit, it will be part of your everyday routine.

simit is more than a tasty snack

A World of Flavor
Simit + Smith also creates most popular globally inspired breads and pastries that includes specialties of Turkey such as Poğaça, Açma, and Çatal. All three savories are lifesavers when it comes to grabbing breakfast on the go and satisfying midday cravings.

In addition to our traditional specialties, we proudly bake sourdough breads, irresistible loaves and baguettes, rich brioche and buttery croissants, tender muffins, and chewy cookies, all of which we handcraft with exceptional care using natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients wherever possible.

At Simit + Smith, we believe that everyone deserves the smell and warmth of fresh baked bread and pastries every single day. When you take your first bite, we want the world to stop for a moment as you think to yourself, “This is the best I’ve ever had.”



Simit + Smith chefs handcraft wholesome baked goods out of our 20,000-square-foot facility located in beautiful Ridgefield, NJ.



We use the freshest organic, all-natural, and integral ingredients sourced from local vendors and check every small batch against our rigorous taste and texture guidelines.



We combine state-of-the-art equipment with traditional techniques to bring you delicious breads, cookies, sweet and savory pastries, and—of course—some of the best Simits in the world.

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