Sourdough Baguette

Our sourdough baguette has a golden crust, deliciously soft interior and sensational flavor. Try it lightly toasted and topped with melted butter for a simply wonderful snack.


Poppy Seeds Baguette

Sprinkled poppy seeds add flavor and texture to baguette and makes it more fun.


Vienna Brioche

Vienna Brioche is more tender outside with a softer crust.


Plain Baguette

Simit + Smith version of the famous French bread distinguishable by its length and crisp crust.


Chia Baguette

Chia seeds adds more health benefits to this French classic.


Rye Bread Baguette

Finding the significant taste of rye in a traditional baguette…


Sesame Baguette

Made with simple, premium ingredients and rolled in a blend of sesame seeds. For those who looks for an extra texture and flavour.


Multi Grain Baguette

Extra vitamins & minerals, giving you more of the goodness…


Whole Wheat Baguette

This bread is hearty and nutritious, gives you a feeling of being entire, full and total.

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