Buns + Rolls


Rustic Bun

Simit + Smith bakers are following the latest trends to presenting you the rustic bun.


Poppy Seeds Dinner Roll

Poppy seeds add a mild flavor to the Simit + Smith dinner rolls.


Butter Hamburger Bun

So buttery, yummy, almost feels runny…


Pretzel Dinner Roll

Simit + Smith adds its magical touch to this twisted knot.


Whole Wheat Dinner Roll

In a basket full of dinner rolls. Creates texture, adds color to the Table.


Multigrain Dinner Roll

Multigrain dinner rolls are chock full of a variety of tasty seeds that creates a crisp crust and a light texture.


Sesame Dinner Roll

Extremely beneficial for health, sesames look and taste great in Simit + Smith’s dinner rolls.


Rye Bread Dinner Roll

If you are looking for rye’s distinct flavor, this dinner roll is your go to.


Chia Dinner Roll

Simit + Smith loves experimenting with new ingredients such as chai which is one of the most popular superfoods.


Plain Dinner Roll

Hearty texture and great taste of authentic dinner rolls, made unique by Simit + Smith.


Brioche Bun

A highly enriched bread thats makes you smile everytime. Generous amount of egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb.

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