Exclusive Breads


Corn Bread

Made from cornmeal, Simit + Smith proudly carries this very special flavor. Corn bread itself feels like a meal.


Pide Large

Comes crisp, when you tear it makes a crackling sound.


Pide Small

Comes crisp, when you tear it makes a crackling sound. Personal Dinner bread, meant for two.


Fruit Bread

Filled with fruits, this bread sweeter bread is almost like a festive.


Dry Nuts Bread

Each nut variety contains its own unique combination of nutrients… this bread carries the most!


Natural Bread

In its nature, bread brings people together, it is made to share! Simit + Smit’s serves this goal!


Walnuts Rye Bread

A dense hearty bread mixed with the most flavorful walnuts.


Rustic Bread

Made by Simit + Smith’s special recipes and techniques, the rustic bread shows a natural perfection.


7 Grain Bread

Seven different grains—wheat, oat, rye, millet, barley, corn, and rice. All mixed together with the hands of Simit + Smith bakers.


Trabzon Bread

Eating Trabzon bread is like tasting the Turkish culture. It is cooked in wood-fired stone ovens which makes the bread very bold.


Flower Bread

The flower bread, each piece of this traditionally baked bread feels like petals.


Focaccia Bread

Saluting the Italians! Simit + Smith adds a Turkish touch to this oily crust.


No Salt Bread

All the wonderfulness of a Simit + Smith bread just with no salt added!

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