Authentic Bread

Using the finest ingredients, Authentic Bread offers a unique taste and texture.


Breakfast Toast

Inspired by one of the most common street foods of Turkey melting cheese, this bread goes along with all your other favorites.


Gluten Free Bread

For those of you who can’t handle gluten but also can’t live without bread.


Artisanal Grain Bread

Crafted for people who loves grain.


Oat Bread

A guilt free, feel good bread made with natural oats.


Rye Bread

A dark brown bread made with rye, one of the lightest option.


Brioche Pan Bread

You’ll find yourself munching these fluffy loaves. Simit + Smith bakers makes it as light as it gets.


Artisanal Organic Bread

Crafted by Simit + Smith bakers using high quality organic and natural ingredients, artisanal organic bread makes you feel good inside and out.


Artisanal Whole Wheat Bread

Delicious artisanal whole wheat bread is filled with nutritious oats and seeds. Healthy, delicious and crusty.


Turkish Bread

Daily bread is a blessing in Turkey. Simit + Smith brings the original precious Turkish bread to you very happily.


Sourdough Bread

Feels like its made in your own kitchen… We love this bread for its chewiness and golden crust.

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